Boat Insurance
Part 5: Insurance Company Information
by Ken Levitt

The information I have in this area is limited, especially in the area of claims. If you have experiences you would like to share, send them along to the email address on the previous page, and I will consider their inclusion in future releases.

So far, I have no reports of bad claim experiences with any insurance company, but I'm sure there are some.

The information here is the best I have, but may be outdated or inaccurate. Research each company on your own.

Many people (except those in MA) find it easier to purchase boat insurance from the same company they use for homeowner's and auto insurance. If you have a good relationship with your local agent, this may be your best bet, but it is worth checking out one or two other companies.

National Marine Underwriters (

BoatUS ( )

Progressive ( )

United Marine Underwriters ( ) 800-477-7140

American Modern Insurance Group ( ) 800-759-9008

World Marine Underwriters ( ) 800-330-5511

Amica ( )

Allstate ( )

Nationwide ( )

State Farm ( )

Travelers ( )

Markel American Insurance Company ( )

AAA ( )


Note #1 - BoatUS and trailering boats over 30 feet
Jesse Deupree (Corsair F-31 owner) wrote:

I bought the policy when I bought the boat, knowing that the first thing to do was to trailer the boat back from Indiana to Maine. I had a Boat US policy on my F-27, and noticed the trailering restriction, which on my policy said under Special Conditions, Requirements and Coverages

"Due to the size of your boat, trailering coverage is excluded. Limited trailering may be requested and, if approved, written permission will be granted prior to the trip."

I called the Boat US underwriter I had been talking to, and told her that this restriction made the policy worthless to me. She promptly issued an endorsement that said "the trailering restrictions on your policy is hereby removed."

At the time, she said the restriction was because they were concerned about inexperienced drivers, and my experience with the 27 warranted removal of the restriction.

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